Why 3D Holographic Projection Weddings Have Grown Increasingly Popular

Issuing time:2020-07-30 23:34

With the progress of multimedia projection display technology, the technology we could only see in science fiction movies can now be replicated through 3D holographic projection. The display effects are magical and enchanting, and the application of 3D holographic projection has grown within the market –particularly within the wedding industry.

What is a 3D holographic projection wedding?

The perfect integration of 3D holographic projection technology within a wedding banquet hall creates the perfect, moving love story. This form of advanced imaging technology combines sound, light, holographic projection, naked-eye 3D, and interactive ground projection to create a dreamy wedding venue.


What are the advantages of a 3D holographic projection wedding?

1. Dreamy and vivid: 3D holographic projection allows for the creation of dream-like three-dimensional scenes: starry skies, the galaxy, the vast sea, or fairy tale castles. The sky’s the limit when it comes to holographic projection.

2. Breathtaking atmosphere: 3D holographic projection can create an image or illusion equivalent to that of a blockbuster film through the combined effects of a huge multidimensional and three-dimensional visual display and surround sound.

3. Seeing Double: This form of projection’s biggest function is to create a kind of hazy, illusory beauty. Surrounded by the colorful, romantic visual effects of hightech 3D holographic projection, the married couple can experience the feeling of being the only two dancers in the world.

4. Threedimensional Sense: The wedding banquet hall can be transformed into a mysterious fantasy wonderland visible to the nakedeye through 3D holographic projection. The sense of fantasy and wonder created through multimedia technology allows the viewer to indulge their senses.


Nowadays, weddings focus more on attention to detail and quality, rather than luxury and style. 3D holographic projection weddings allow for more personalization and have become increasingly popular among younger clients.

With the continuous development of holographic projection technology, the application of 3D holographic projection will continue to grow. The ever-continuing innovation of holographic projection will continue to produce more realistic images comparable to that of a sci-fi film. Let us anticipate its future development.

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